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- really appreciate u loving me, after all that we've been thru -

well here it goes, yesterday woke up around 9 got online and whatnot til about 11:30 got in the shower, got around and all that bullshit. waited for my mom to get home and when she did she took me to meet brandy. a lil after that we ([ brandy, chris, drew, john, meaders, ed, jen, and i ]) were off to knobels where we pretty much walked in circles. i don't kno what we expected but hey what do u want on our year anniversary for a day with the tin man and gang<3

after that we came back to bloom and they wanted to play bball, and drew and ed had to have the car home so we were there. along that while brandy and chris fought and a bunch of bullshit and chris took off in his car ditching me and her with no ride but little did we kno he was only going to 'wendys' so when he didn't come back we decided on walking to unimart. then to kimmys to see if rob was there so i can get a ride home. ended up only tanaya, amber, and kk being there but i got to see lil alexis rose :) how fucking adorabuhl is she?!

on our way back down to the park looking for chris we ended up seeing them dropping jen and kendra off. so him and john put in in reverse and we got in. after that we ended up going to chris' watched a lil TV, and then we decided to go get a pizza. fucking john and i can talk civily when he wants to but other times hes an ass. maybe its jus me but it seems we have good quality fucking conversations when we get along. i don't understand him, i wish i did tho. anyway they got pinapple pizza :x yuck they made me try it and i almost puked. yuckyy. so i was grubbin on the ham and cheese motherfucker :) chase, cherry, and meaders stopped by to 'check there eyes' stupid fucks. i haven't seen chasey in forever tho. a lil after nine chris and brandy took me home and things went good. except chris tried killing me by not stopping the car when i got out. hah better off dead i guess. lol w/e that was my night.

im getting fucking sick :[ my throat hurts and im really weak and BLAHH. but ok. i want school to fucking end. i hate it. then im moving in with a bee. im serious. haha well thats all..
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