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- met a man who took her in, fed her all the same bullshit again -

eh, i fucking hate school. today went kind of quick. but i'll update u on my weekend.

friday- i came home and then jen asked me to come over so i got a ride with my gram and went to jens and she wasn't home so i walked to lauras and she was making aaron dinner and so we had chicken and baked mac n cheese. then aaron left about an hour later and was suppose to come back in an hour so we went to pnut and chilled for about an hour and a half. aaron neither called or stopped by so we went uptown lookin for him. he was no where to be found. came home around 10 and laura passed out i stayed up with pat and ashley. we ended up going to bed around 1:30.

saturday- got up and around chilled with pat bc laura and ashley slept til 12! mm, pat went to knobels w/ chase ed and drewy!<3 i missed drew so i gave him a big huggy. they left and aaron and his cousin jim came over and so i quick took jen a ciggy and met her at the carwash when i was coming back aaron and laura and all them was on bikes and they didn't even fuckin stop. so i went out with ashley and told them i'd stop over later. me and ashley went to kimmys and chilled w/ tony and corey for a bit & amber and kk stopped over. then we left walked to the park no one was there so we went to the puppy store and called my mom and what not. finally went to aarons. chilled there, a lil bit later ash went home. then around 9 we had to babysit dillan. so we stayed at her aunt michelles and did that all night.

came home sunday and w/e. me and laura just got in a big fight. i don't care tho im gonna try and not let it bother me bc i don't want a 'friend' thats gonna constantly put me down. i wanna get out of school and move in with my bee. hah:) im gonna too. im looking forward to this weekend<33 i hope it turns out ok and is a nice day. im gonna feel really uncomfortable tommorow, cuz i kno lauras not a person to let things go. all she does is talk shit. i wish she would just disappear:\
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