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- he was talkin shit we put a clappin to that boy -

well lets see, tuesday after school i went to lauras. her momma picked us up and we had to watch brody and dill for a lil til she got back from this auction she was going to. so we got there and laura fell asleep so when ashley got home me and ashley did our thing jus bullshitin and what not chillin. it was a long while til laura woke up, well around 5 or so. she wanted to go to aarons so we took brody to her aunt michelles *rollerbladed* him there is more like it. lmao, ahh crazzy. i didn't fall tho! then we were off to aarons and her mom called like 10 mins after we got there and wanted aaron to help her carry and pick up this shit she got from the auction. she got a really nice dresser with two big mirrors for only 5 dolla and darlene got this couch for only 2 bucks! it was nice stuff too. so we went out to there which was out by steve shannons or somewhere at this church and me and momma-doo played on the see-saws and was cherry bombin each other :] it was fun. then darlene and debbie finally got there in this beat up old brown truck lol it was funny. debbies a crack head tho. so we loaded that shit up and went home drug it all upstairs and it was around 9 when we finished. her mom let us stay out til 10 so we were off to aarons again. got home and went the hell to bed.

today in school was alright. laura had a dentist appt. at 10:30 so i was jus by myself pretty much all day. im tired and tryed sleepin but it didn't work. im just lazy i guess:\ this girl that i don't even talk to said she liked my hair. that made me happy hah:) cuz shes friends with my 'crush' but whatever anymore. this weeks goin fast. i have such a imaginational mind. i just think about alot of shit. and its sad when i have to come back to reality >:{ w/e thats about it.
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