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- if u smoke like i smoke, we get high like everyday -

well, i didn't go to school today. i'm not sick i just had a long night. yesterday at 5 i went to get my hair done. i got it red with blonde highlights :] i like it. so then after that we were on our way to my uncles ([me and my mom]) and my dad was outside playing with my uncle's dog cuz my uncle was in philly and my dad heard gun shots. so he went inside and went out the front door and all these cops were coming and these ambulances. i guess this guys girlfriend got a PFA on him and the cops came to serve it and the guy was threatning to kill himself with this knife. and then he went after the cop and the cop shot him 4-6 times. i don't see any reason this guy had to be shot dead. so thats real fucked up. but anyway i was at my uncles til about 10 at night and got home around 10:30 and was fuckin beat and my dad let me stay home bc it was his bday and he was feeling generous i suppose.

so i just sat around all day pretty much i jus cleaned up my room a lil and im sittin here waitin for brandy to come. shes spending the night and we may be bored but let the good times roll i suppose.
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