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5 Details About Yourself -
[x] phsyco
[x] jealous
[x] emotional
[x] regretful
[x] obsessive

5 Details About Your Appearance Right Now -
[x] hair - down
[x] tommy girl red short sleeved shirt
[x] mudd jeans
[x] necklace, earrings, & braclets
[x] cover up, light mascara, eyeliner

Five Things You Did Yesterday -
[x] woke up around 10
[x] went home
[x] ate easter dinner
[x] sat online
[x] downloaded songs

Five Memorable Things You Did In The Last Year -
[x] drugs
[x] went to scott's funeral
[x] got suspended
[x] met lots of great people
[x] brought my grades up

5 Favorite Groups -
[x] tupac
[x] fabolous
[x] sean paul
[x] 50 cent
[x] tom petty

5 Favorite Movies -
[x] outside providence
[x] baby boy
[x] exit wounds
[x] bride of chucky
[x] american pie

5 Things That Make You Happy -
[x] my family
[x] friends
[x] music
[x] shopping
[x] getting what i want

5 Things That Impress You -
[x] reputations
[x] the president
[x] charles manson
[x] the opposite sex
[x] alcohol

5 Things That Don't Impress You -
[x] guys acting like jerks
[x] guys that lead you on
[x] guys that use girls
[x] guys that think they're something special
[x] guys that play head games

5 Things You Can't Live Without -
[x] brandy
[x] air
[x] sleep
[x] AIM
[x] guys

5 Things You'll Do When You Complete This -
[x] patchwork interview
[x] eat
[x] talk online
[x] check email
[x] go to the mall


[x] Your First Name Backwards = Eissac
[x] The Story Behind Your Username = i'm pathtik
[x] Are You a Lesbian? = are you?
[x] Where do you live? = bloomsburg
[x] 4 words that sum you up = i get my way
[x] School = Bloomsburg High School
[x] Purse = you can find everything in there
[x] Hairbrush = i have a pick and a black brush
[x] Toothbrush = pink w/ pink and white bristles
[x] Jewelry Worn Daily = 8 silver earrings, 3 silver braclets, my silver necklace, my mommy and daddys pre engagment ring<3
[x] Pillow cover = white striped with baby blue
[x] Blanket = my huge most comfiest blanky
[x] Facewash = neutrogena
[x] Street] = scotch valley dr.
[x] Neighbors = hardly any
[x] Coffee Cup = blackk
[x] Sunglasses = need some
[x] Underwear = thong tha thong thong thongs
[x] Shoes = new kswiss and the new iversons
[x] Favorite Shirt = mint green liz claiborne
[x] Favorite Pants = tyte pants
[x] CD in stereo right now = a burnt mix
[x] Tattoos = none
[x] Piercings = 8 in the ears
[x] What you are Wearing Now = see above
[x] Hair = brown/straight
[x] Do you like Candles = love them
[x] Do you like Incense = yes ma'am
[x] Do you like the Taste of Blood = nah
[x] Do you believe in Love = sure
[x] Do you believe in Soul Mates = yep
[x] Do you believe in Love at First Sight] = nope
[x] Do you believe in Heaven = yes
[x] Do you believe in Hell = yes
[x] Do you believe in Forgiveness = yes
[x] Do you believe in God = yes
[x] Do you believe in the Devil = yes
[x] What's your Favorite Insult? = fuck off
[x] What are you gonna do when you're Older? = 1st college
[x] How many songs do you have? = only 12 on this one
[x] Look out your window, tell me what you see = that's ok
[x] What is the latest you've ever stayed up? = all night
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