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- my days are cold w/o you -

longgg 2 days :) hah. let me fill yaz in..

well friday i went to lauras around 6, waited around for rob but he never called so we decided to go out and look for the fucker.. stopped at kimmy's no one was there. walked uptown, still no one. walked all the way the fuck down to tha park and not a soul there either. so we stopped at the pet shop and played with the lil puppys for like an hour and a half cuz it was drizzlin balls outside then we decided to leave cuz a nasty old ass pervert that worked there was eyein us up. then we finally decided to walk home cuz there ain't shit to do in bloom. laura was in bed before me so i ended up sleeping on the air mattress w/ ashley. we talked all night about stupid shit and finally went to bed.

the next morning i woke up to laura screaming my name at 7 in the morning cuz she wanted me to see the cat humping her leg. we started getting around soon after that and was off to williamsport 2 hours later. first we stopped to pick up darlene in berwick, her moms best friend. we went to pick up darlene's daughter kristy in williamsport she was livin with a friend cuz she recently got outta jail. i met her and shes cool as shit. after that we went to tjmaxx and shopped a lil. laura got a really cute jean outfit and some shoes. then we left for walmart and got a lil lost. 'she goes what does a kyacher know' lol w/e anyways after walmart we went to wendys to eat:D then to value city at the mall. on our way home there was an accident on the highway and there was this lil mexican dude driving one of those mac trucks. hah and he totally stared all of us up while he was drivin by. so darlene rolls down her window and was all tryin to talk mexican and says 'yo essay u wanna get nekkid?' it was the funniest shit ever the guys jus laughin his ass off and so the next thing i kno we're all tellin her to take off her shirt so there goes her shirt and shes twirling it out the window and me, lisa, laura, and kristy are fuckin losin it. he finally gets ahead of us and stops and darlene took it all off and is shakin her tits for him oh godd.. it was might fuckin crazy.

finally we got back to lauras and she wanted me to see if i could sleep over again and we'd all go to darlenes and chill out cuz it was a nice day. so thats what we ended up doin'. it was funn as shit. jus chillin with everyone there. me and laura were chillin up in andrews room and decided to tag this one picture he drew and he came home and flipped on us we was jus pickin on him and he was gettin pissed. then later he locked his door cuz he said his room would never be the same. and we wouldnt let it be. the neighbor guy called the cops on us cuz we were being loud the cocksucker. we didn't leave there til 11 and got home.. everyone was still with us. 3 car loads of them. then they made a run to buckhorn and came back. it was finally after 12 and laura and ashley got their easter baskets from jade the easter man for the night he had nothign to give me but he came up with a easter hug and kiss :) heh it made my night but anyway they didn't end up leavin until 2 and me and ash were together again cuz laura passed out. so we chilled with her momma for awhile. gotta love her. she felt so bad for not gettin me anything for easter and was like if i knew u woulda been staying here i woulda got u something and kept apologizing. but its all good. finally got to sleep a lil after 3 and i was fuckin beat.

woke up this morning about 10. mom came and got me at 11 and we went to my grandmothers for easter dinner. im home now bored as shiiit. but its ok im enjoying the peace and solitude. well that was about it for them days. i'll leave it at that<33
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